Samsung Solid Immerse review

Full review: Budget samsung phone that's shock, dust and waterproof

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The Jack Bauer of phones returns in an even more rugged design

The Samsung Solid Immerse it the next level of rugged handset from the Korean firm, taking the invici-phone mantle from the older Extreme.

The new model comes equipped with a torch, IP67-certified to withstand dust and water and can certainly take a knock or two thanks to the thick case. But does a decent phone-shaped brain live beneath the muscle?

Samsung Solid Immerse Controls:

The Solid Immerse is a phone designed for two things – surviving and doing your basic phone-related bits and pieces. To that end, Samsung has made it easy to use the phone with gloves on or wherever tapping away on a phone might be more difficult, and that's certainly the case here, with rubberised buttons very easy to locate and press.

There's also a simple button to activate the super-bright LED torch at the top on the right-hand side of the phone, and a touch cover to access the micro-USB slot, all of which are securely fastened down.

Samsung Solid Immerse OS

The OS is a standard Java-based offering from Samsung, harking back to the older offerings from Nokia in the early part of the century.

A rudimentary app store is on offer, but the main operation comes from the 4x3 menu (operated easily by the large D-Pad) and a selection of quick links from the home screen - all easy to work and simple to see.

Samsung Solid Immerse Features

We decided to put the Samsung Solid Immerse to the test in all the conditions it promised to work in at once - so we plonked it in a bucket of water for quarter of a hour, threw it in some builder's sand (secretly... the builders never noticed) and then dropped it out a first floor window.

And brilliantly, not only did it stay working, but also after a quick wipe over with a damp cloth the Immerse was still in tip-top nick. Even scratching the Gorilla Glass with a knife yielded no marks... so the Immerse certainly passes the rugged test with flying colours.

Samsung Solid Immerse Screen

There's not much to write home about on this QVGA screen, but then again, it's not what this phone is about. The 2-inch offering is fine enough, and clear even in bright sunlight.

Sure, it's utterly rubbish for internet browsing, but then again we're sure this isn't going to be an oft-used feature.
Samsung Solid Immerse Battery: We were initially a little worried about the 1300mAh battery on offer, but that's mostly because we've been spoiled by smartphones for so long.

The Solid Immerse was actually much less kind on its power unit than we thought it would be, lasting only two days under minimal usage... which is not using the phone for much more than phoning and texting, as even listening to music was a hassle thanks to having to use a headphones adaptor.

Samsung Solid Immerse Verdict

If you're after a cheap and cheerful phone that will probably outlive you and your children, then the Solid Immerse at £10 a month or £100 on PAYG is a great buy.

The buttons could probably be a little bit larger for those that work with really thick gloves, but apart from that, it's the perfect phone to drop and neglect without needing to fork out to replace it.

Samsung Solid Immerse launch date: Out now, link Samsung

Samsung Solid Immerse price: Around £100