PURE Move 2500 portable DAB and FM radio review

Digital radio on the move gets a new foundation

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Squashing down your home digital radio into a compact form, PURE has revamped its range of PocketDABs with the Move 2500 landing as a travel-friendly offering.

Taking design notes from Apple’s iPod, albeit the very early models, the PURE Move 2500 utilises a simplistic interface and control combination to offer quality audio output from FM or digital radio sources whilst on the move.

Pure Move 2500 Features

Capable of supporting 10 FM and 10 DAB presets, PURE’s latest portable DAB radio allows for quick and easy navigation between the most visited channels with presets simply set using the devices click wheel and central selection point.

Whilst the Move 2500’s lack of features and dated calculator-style black-on-orange LCD display are disparaging attributes to some, its distinct omission of superfluous bells and whistles has a positive affect on the device’s battery. A claimed 14 hour battery life proves accurate ensuring travelling with the device will result in infrequent bouts of low battery disappointment.

Pure Move 2500 Performance

Boxed with noise isolating headphones the PURE Move 2500 offers an audio experience greater than what its uninspiring and flimsy design would suggest.

Improving the audio output from its previous PocketDAB offerings, PURE has fitted the Move 2500 with well balanced bass and smooth tones. The device’s audio credentials are further bolstered by the standard bass and treble fine adjustment options.

With portability the Move 2500’s key selling point its need for strong signal whilst travelling is backed up by impressive performances whilst on the move listening to both FM and DAB stations. Tested on foot, bike and bus the PURE Move 2500 maintains strong signals across varying regions and across a broad spectrum of channels.

Pure Move 2500 Ease of use

A little on the slow side to start up, once the device has kicked into gear both FM and DAB stations are easy to navigate and select via the rubberised click wheel.

Finished with a black aluminium facia over a polished steel casework the PURE portable radio is dated in its appearance falling many years behind the slim form factor and touch displays of the current breed of PMPs.

Pure Move 2500 Verdict

Let down by its somewhat shoddy craftsmanship and unnecessarily chunky form factor, the PURE Move 2500 is redeemed by its surprisingly strong audio quality with reasonable noise isolating headphones and added plus.

Slightly expensive for what it is and the minimalist array of features on offer are a slight disappointment but fulfilling the Ronseal factor for doing exactly what it says on the tin, the PURE Move 2500 is an acceptable portable FM and DAB radio but little more.

PURE Move 2500 video

Source: Pure Move 2500 video | T3 Tech Videos