Pico Projectors: The Group Test

Miniature projectors for big-screen presentations.

Image 1 of 6 Adapt ADPP 99
Adapt ADPP-99
Image 2 of 6 Samsung SP H03
Samsung SP-H03
Image 3 of 6 Aiptek Pocket Cinema V50
Aiptek Pocket Cinema V50
Image 4 of 6 Nikon Coolpix S1100PJ
Nikon Coolpix S1100PJ
Image 5 of 6 Acer C20
Acer C20
Image 6 of 6 Optoma PK201
Optoma PK201

Pico technology has continued to shrink projectors, with low-energy LED lamps and tiny DLP or LCOS chipsets making it possible to get an 80-inch image from a device that fits in your pocket. As a result, you can make that killer presentation any time, any place, anywhere. Just add a visual source and screen…

Best: Small budgets
Adapt ADPP-99
Love: Lightweight design. Affordable price
Hate: Poor brightness, colour and resolution, with pixellated images. Poor file support via SD
Adapt ADPP-99 review I Link: Adapt

Best: Portability
Acer C20
Love: Slick styling. Good connectivity. Vivid colours
Hate: Needs a dark room
Acer C20 review I Link: Acer

Best: Photography
Nikon Coolpix S1100PJ
Love: Easy to shoot and instantly show content. Decent compact camera
Hate: Low brightness and resolution doesn't do your photos many favours
Nikon Coolpix S1100PJ review I Link: Nikon

Best: Compactness with quality
Optoma PK201
Love: Strong image quality in low-light. Wide file support thanks to plenty of connectivity options
Hate: Only 28MB onboard storage. No HDMI to mini HDMI adaptor included
Optoma PK201 review I Link: Optoma

Best: Deeper pockets
Aiptek Pocket Cinema V50
Love: A powerful LED lamp for daylight viewing
Hate: Loud cooling fan. No storage. Expensive
Aiptek Pocket Cinema V50 review I Link: Aiptek

Best: Overall
Samsung SP-H03
Love: Sizeable images that are detailed enough even in daylight. 1GB storage. Good battery
Hate: Not the most portable device on test
Samsung SP-H03 review I Link: Samsung