Piaggio Yourban video review

Video: We take this trike for a test drive in London

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T3 gets behind the wheel of the Piaggo mp3 Yourban trike

Ditch the bike and dismiss the bus, the only way to travel is on a trike, and the Piaggio mp3 Yourban fits the bill. A follow up to the original Piaggio mp3, the Yourban is lighter and more agile than its predecessor. It's also cheaper, with the Piaggio Yourban price coming in at £5649 for the 300cc version, and the 125cc model costing £4749

With Piaggio now offering free test rides across the UK to anyone with a driving license, we thought we'd put these claims to the test and take the Piaggio mp3 Yourban for a T3 test drive.

Piaggio Yourban scooter video

Source: T3 Tech Videos