Netbooks: The Group Test

Apple vs Samsung Vs Dell Vs Asus Vs Acer

Image 1 of 6 Dell Inspiron Duo
Dell Inspiron Duo
Image 2 of 6 Acer Aspire One 533 13DKK
Acer Aspire One 533-13DKK
Image 3 of 6 Lenovo IdeaPad S10 3
Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3
Image 4 of 6 Samsung NF110 A01UK
Samsung NF110-A01UK
Image 5 of 6 AsusEee PC1018P
AsusEee PC1018P
Image 6 of 6 Apple MacBook Air
Apple MacBook Air

Battle of the ultraportable laptops

Tablet PCs and traditional laptops have been squeezing the life out of the netbook market, but they aren’t dead yet. Now a million miles away from the stunted, plasticky ZX Spectrum-alikes of yore they’ve got powerful, dual core processors and improved keyboards. There’s even an Apple take on the genre…

Best: For hand luggage
Apple MacBook Air
Love: Slick Mac OSX. Powerful processor and dedicated graphics. Peerless design
Hate: High price tag. Limited connectivity
Apple MacBook Air review I Read extended review I Link: Apple

Best: Overall
Samsung NF110-A01UK
Love: Solid spec and performance. Lengthy battery life. Good audio
Hate: Slightly cramped touchpad
Samsung NF110 review I Read extended review I Link: Samsung

Best: For business
Lenovo IdeaPadS10-3
Love: QuickStart mode
Hate: Dull design, frustrating touchpad and short battery life
Lenovo IdeaPadS10-3 review I Link: Lenovo

Best: Aesthetics
Asus Eee PC1018P
Love: Plush design. Solid specifications. 500GB of online Cloud storage
Hate: Poor webcam
Asus Eee PC1018P review I Read extended review I Link: Asus

Best: Battery life
Acer Aspire One 533-13DKK
Love: Portable. Vibrant screen. Lengthy battery
Hate: No snazzy features
Acer Aspire One 533-13DKK review I Link: Acer

Best: Bizarre concept
Dell Inspiron Duo
£449 (£549 with dock)
Love: Innovative concept
Hate: Poor touchscreen and processor. Lack of connections. Gimmicky
Dell Inspiron Duo review I Read the extended review I Link: Dell