Mice: The Group Test

Controllers for every working requirement

Image 1 of 5 Microsoft Arc Touch
Microsoft Arc Touch
Image 2 of 5 Kensington Slimblade
Kensington Slimblade
Image 3 of 5 Belkin Retractable Comfort Mouse
Belkin Retractable Comfort Mouse
Image 4 of 5 Swiftpoint Mouse
Swiftpoint Mouse
Image 5 of 5 Logitech Performance Mouse MX
Logitech Performance Mouse MX

You can have the most powerful PC the world, but without the right controller it will be like a Bentley with a broken steering wheel. We’ve investigated mice for every business need, but which are worth a place on your desk – and which should you lay some Manchego on a trap for and wait patiently round the corner?.

Best: Tight budgets
Belkin Retractable Comfort Mouse
Love: Low price. Comfortable to use. Retractable USB cable
Hate: Dodgy scroll wheel. Not wireless
Belkin Retractable Comfort Mouse review I Link: Belkin

Best: Overall
Logitech Performance Mouse MX
Love: Great build quality. Customisable. Very comfortable. There are two ways of charging it
Hate: A little expensive. Mac users need to install extra software
Logitech Performance Mouse MX review I Link: Logitech

Best: Laptops
Kensington Slimblade
Love: Solid and versatile scroll wheel. Wireless. Very responsive
Hate: Can be hard to switch on and off
Kensington Slimblade review I Link: Kensington

Best: Looks
Microsoft Arc Touch
Love: Folds flat. Looks great. Long battery life
Hate: Stiff buttons. Hard-to-fi d scroll pad. Uncomfortable to use
Microsoft Arc Touch review I Link: Microsoft

Best: On the go
Swiftpoint Mouse
Love: Absolutely tiny. Good rechargeable battery life. Great zooming function
Hate: Unusual form takes a little getting used to
Swiftpoint Mouse review I Link: Swiftpoint