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Bass happy iPod dock for £99

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Kitsound Boom Dock
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With decent iPod docks going for north of £200 – and way higher from brands like Bose, Arcam and Meridian Audio – hopes weren’t high for this £99 box from a little known new brand.

Luckily we’re pretty open-minded here at T3, because otherwise we may have overlooked this sensibly-named and priced ‘Pod speaker system that has your office party firmly on its rota.

Aside from the top-mounted iPod dock, the BoomDock has a set of stereo audio inputs that could take almost any audio device – we’re thinking a turntable might not be a bad idea. There are also AM/FM radio antennae, but unfortunately no DAB, which isn't really a surprise at this price.

The meaty remote control makes light work of everything, though controlling an iPod’s contents could be easier; oddly, the directional buttons at the remote’s centre operate only volume and skipping between tracks. Random and rather illogical buttons are left to deal with navigating up and down an iPod’s menus, though we got the hang of it quickly.

At least it’s possible to select playlists or individual tracks, while changing source and tuning-in radio stations are one-button affairs.

Another boon for the BoomDock are its bass and treble controls, controlled via the remote and red LED-lit screen on the main unit. OK, so it’s not exactly sound desk-standard, but simple adjustments can be made if basslines are thumping just a little too much.

Kitsound Boom Dock: Sound quality

Key to its success is a 5.25-inch subwoofer. There’s not much mid-range on the BoomDock – it’s all boom and treble, but for £99 that’s what you would expect. Although it can feel bass-heavy and rather thin at the same time – and certainly isn't rounded enough for extended use with all kinds of music – the sound field created by the BoomDock should be enough for a party, and it actually feels more tighter the louder it goes.

You get more than you pay for with the BoomDock. High volumes with no distortion, good, if thin treble detail and plenty of low frequency sound. While we wouldn't recommended it for listening to classical tunes or anything delicate, a dose of dance and party tunes will be lapped-up by the BoomDock. Attractively priced and powerful, the huge BoomDock is a festive floor filler.

Kitsound Boom Dock launch date: Out now, find out more from Kitsound

Kitsound Boom Dock price: From £99