IPTV: The Group Test

Group test: Apple TV Vs Sony Internet TV Vs Boxee Box

Image 1 of 4 D Link Boxee Box
D-Link Boxee Box
Image 2 of 4 WD TV Live Hub
WD TV Live Hub
Image 3 of 4 Apple TV
Apple TV
Image 4 of 4 Sony Internet TV
Sony Internet TV

Fed up with mediocre TV offerings? Want to watch exactly what you want, when you want? Accessed via the internet over Wi-Fi or ethernet, the increasing range of web TV or "IPTV" services available means you can now watch catch-up TV, movies on demand, and unique, often specialised, content whenever you want for free or a small fee. It's not just about TV either, with apps for games, news, RSS feeds and social networking your TV quickly becomes more of an entertainment hub, tailored to your needs. There are a range of IPTV access points. Here, we're testing four different types: integrated, dedicated, a hard-drive streamer and Apple TV, which is like the others but more, you know, Apple-y.

Apple TV
Love: Compact size. User-friendly interface
Hate: iTunes-only movies, some buffering issues
Apple TV review I Link: Apple

Sony Internet TV
£1,200 (For 40inch Bravia KDL-40LX903
Love: Intuitive interface. iPlayer app and Qriocity/ Lovefilm streaming
Hate: Slow interface. This particular TV is not best way to get the service
Sony Internet TV review I Link: Sony

WD TV Live Hub
Love: Easy setup. Big hard drive. Generally excellent video quality and smooth streaming
Hate: Limited as an IPTV/ VOD device. Wi-Fi requires an adapter
WD TV Live Hub review I Link: Western Digital

D-Link Boxee Box
Love: Good choice of apps. Easy to use
Hate: Cumbersome at navigating to some content. Paid and free films all together
D-Link Boxee Box review I Link: D-Link