HP TouchPad video

Video: We take a look at webOS in our HP tablet video

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Can Palm and HP take on the iPad?

The HP TouchPad was announced yesterday along with a re-worked webOS for the HP tablet.

The TouchPad touts an iPad-matching 9.7-inch, 1024x768 screen, with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.4GHz processor, which means this thing is lightning quick. It needs to be seeing as it has webOS’s full multitasking smarts, with Cards and Stacks, as well as being a ‘true visualisation of your workspace’. Marketing flimflam aside, it really is designed to be the most worker-friendly tablet ever.

We managed to get some time with the device. Click play for the HP tablet video.

HP TouchPad video

Source: T3 best tech videos

Here's a breakdown of what the video has in store:

00.01: HP TouchPad hardware specs

02.05: HP TouchPad email

03.18: HP TouchPad keyboard

05.07: HP TouchPad photo application

06.30: HP TouchPad Kindle app

07.10: HP TouchPad 3D gaming

07.40: HP TouchPad webOS and multitasking

07.57: HP TouchPad text messaging

08.40: HP TouchPad browsing

09.18: HP TouchPad Touch-to-Share