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The latest HD projectors for big screen action

Image 1 of 5 JVC DLA X3
Image 2 of 5 Panasonic PT AE4000
Panasonic PT-AE4000
Image 3 of 5 Sony VPL HW20
Sony VPL-HW20
Image 4 of 5 Epson EH TW3600
Epson EH-TW3600
Image 5 of 5 Benq W1000
Benq W1000+

Even the largest telly can’t fully replicate the magic of the cinema, but a full-HD projector can provide the necessary screen inches – up to 300 inches across – and the captivating image quality. Here, we’ve got one for most budgets, from £760 to £3,600.

Best: All-rounder
Sony VPL-HW20
Love: Great design. Runs very quietly. Excellent picture quality
Hate: Takes concerted effort to optimise picture quality. Awkwardly placed connections
Sony VPL-HW20 review I Link: Sony

Best: Value
Benq W1000+
Love: Good picture quality. Solid features. Ridiculously cheap
Hate: Limited zoom. Some picture noise
Benq W1000+ review I Link: Benq

Best: Picture adjustment
Panasonic PT-AE4000
Love: Endless calibration tools. Overall, good image sharpness
Hate: Lacklustre blacks. Boring, boxy design
Panasonic PT-AE4000 review I Link: Panasonic

Best: Picture quality
Love: Class-leading 2D pictures. Option of 3D, with glasses included
Hate: Ghosting in 3D on our sample model
JVC DLA-X3 review I Link: JVC

Best: Ease of use
Epson EH-TW3600
Love: Natural colours. Solid features. Very bright. Easy to use
Hate: Blacks have a blue-ish tint to them
Epson EH-TW3600 review I Link: Epson