GPS Apps: The Group Test

Google Maps gets some competition..

Image 1 of 5 Ovi Maps
Ovi Maps
Image 2 of 5 Bike Hub
Bike Hub
Image 3 of 5 Skobbler
Image 4 of 5 MotionX GPS
MotionX GPS
Image 5 of 5 PocketNavigator

Google Maps isn’t the only free GPS option for your smartphone. Thanks to projects such as OpenStreetMap, dubbed “the Wikipedia of maps”, app builders are now able to access free, open-source maps. This has led to free and cheap navigation apps, some with highly innovative means of getting you to your destination.

Best: City driving
£Free I OS: Apple iOS, Android
Love: Accurate city maps. Easy to use. POIs
Hate: Having to stream map data can be pricey
Skobbler review I Link: Skobbler

Best: Innovation
£Free I OS: Android
Love: Innovative idea
Hate: Vibrations can be hard to feel
PocketNavigator review I Link: PocketNavigator

Best: Cycling
Bike Hub
£Free I OS: Apple iOS, Android
Love: Easy to use. Free. Useful for pedestrians too
Hate: Instructions can be hard to hear and late
Bike Hub review I Link: Bike Hub

Best: Driving
Ovi Maps
£Free I OS: Symbian
Love: Excellent POIs. Accurate directions
Hate: poor touchscreen on the N8
Ovi Maps review I Link: Symbian

Best: Overall
MotionX GPS
£1.79 I OS: Apple iOS
Love: downloads maps offline. Extra features
Hate: Busy interface
MotionX GPS review I Link: MotionX, Three