Geneva Model S DAB iPod Dock review

The smallest Hi-Fi system in the Geneva range adds DAB

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The smallest Hi-Fi system in the Geneva range adds digital radio functionality to its iPod dock credentials - but is it enough to beat the competition?

As its name suggests the Model S DAB iPod Dock, Geneva’s smallest Hi-Fi system to date, adds digital radio functionality to an already strong offering of audio abilities.

Packing high-end premium performance in to a compact, aesthetically pleasing shell Geneva Lab’s latest iPod dock backs up impressive sound output with a number of quirky and enhancing features that help separate the device from the throng of other docks on the market.

Geneva Model S DAB features

More than just another slab of plastic fronting as an iPod dock, Geneva has looked to do something special with the Model S DAB packing the 14.9 x 23.5 x 17.6cm design with a series of features that help distinguish the unit from its competitors.

A motorised PowerDock connector and innovative TouchLight controls both feature in the Model S DAB in a successful effort to optimise functionality whilst retaining a premium and stylish form factor.

The PowerDock, which allows the unsightly 30 pin iPod connection to be hidden whilst not in use, mechanically rotates at the touch of a button to effortlessly present the internal offerings whilst the TouchLight controls are hidden when the device is turned off adopting a Tron-esque hue when on and proving infinitely more appearing than classic plastic buttons.

Offering six FM and six DAB presets navigating your favourite stations is a simple process with the LED display offering up station, volume and time info from behind the speaker’s grill.

Geneva Model S DAB performance

Packing two individually powered and chambered 3-inch woofers driven by dual 15W digital amplifiers the Geneva Model S DAB utilises the company’s proprietary audio technologies to provide a rich sound experience that offers a wider, room-filling audio experience than its minimalist form would suggest possible.

Offering comprehensive audio for a variety of music types the Model S also plays host to an inbuilt digital alarm that is easily programmable and comes equipped with a 3.5mm port for easy connection of a variety of devices and an optional satin chrome stand.

Geneva Model S DAB verdict

Priced at £380 the Geneva Model S DAB iPod Dock is far from cheap. It’s stylish form factor and impressive audio abilities justify this price, however, with the quirky but soon seemingly essential features such as the TouchLight controls giving the device a high-end and futuristic air.

However, like so many of its rivals the Model S’s one downfall comes in the form of a complete design oversight of such a simple but integral part to its usability, the remote. Shockingly flimsy, the Model S’s remote is a lightweight plastic slab that offers no reassurance in the hand and falls far from the stunning finish of the actual device.