E3 news video round-up: Wii U, Xbox and PlayStation

Video: PlayStation Vita, Wii U and Kinect news

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All the big announcements from this year's show caught on camera

E3, the world's biggest gaming conference, has been a bumber year in 2011. Microsoft was first to take to the stage and it brought Kinect to the masses aswell as teasing us with a Halo 4 trailer. Sony swiftly followed with the official naming of it's PlayStation Vita and announced pricing and release dates. Nintendo brought the biggest news, taking the covers off it's brand new console the Nintendo Wii U.

T3 was there to bring you all the news first-hand. Play our E3 playlist to catch a glimpse of the Wii U in our exclusive hands-on, a rundown of the biggest games announcements from Microsoft and our first impressions of the Sony Vita.

E3 round-up video: All the big announcements from the gaming convention

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