Bose Companion 20 Multimedia speakers review

Pricey 2.0 speakers with a premium performance

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  • Powerful
  • room-filling sound
  • Sleek
  • elegant design
  • No subwoofer needed


  • Over sensitive control pod
  • Premium price
  • Set up

PC speakers that'll fill your room with sound with not a sub in sight and Bose finally adds brilliant desing to its audio engineering finesse. Shame about the price...

When we're spending more time camped in front of a laptop or PC, an decent pair of speakers is essential for your daily fix of video, movie, and music. The Bose Companion 20 multimedia speakers are the latest to step up to the plate promising natural sound throughout the room from your desktop without the need for a separate subwoofer.

Whether it’s the QC 15 headphones or the innovative VideoWave system, Bose have a reputation for delivering on the sound performance front, with this latest foray into desktop speaker territory providing another audio solution that comes with a premium price tag.

Bose Companion 20 multimedia speakers: Features

Bose crucially has done away with the subwoofer previously seen with the Companion 3 system, packing all the audio technology needed inside the two speakers. The two-piece setup is powered from the mains with a battery akin to the one you'd find with your standard laptop. Accompanying the speakers you'll find a touch sensitive control pod which allows you to adjust volume, mute sound and attach headphones and one additional audio device like an iPod or tablet for instance.

Bose Companion 20 multimedia speakers: Design

If ever there was a long-standing criticism of Bose, it is the inability to house its innovative audio engineering inside an elegant, attractive shell. The likes of B&W and Harman seem capable of it, and when we are spending a considerable amount of money, it's perhaps not unreasonable to ask the same of Bose.

Thankfully, the Companion 20 speakers are step in the right direction. Swapping the desktop satellite look from the Bose Companion 3 and Bose Companion 5 speaker systems, the slimline tower-style speakers are sleek and minimalist in design which is a welcome break from the often drab, uninspiring look we've seen from Bose in the past. This can be extended to the control pod giving the Companion 20 a premium feel in design and build.

Bose Companion 20 multimedia speakers: specs

Bose are well renowned for keeping its proprietary audio technology under wraps and frankly who can blame them? What we do know is that the speakers boast TrueSpace stereo digitial signal processing which help to create the room-filling sound, while we expect some of the technology that made an appearace in the Bose VideoWave to be present also.

Bose Companion 20 multimedia speakers: Audio Performance

Considering the relatively small size of the speakers, they give out a real roar, and are liable to fill more than just a single room in your house with its punchy sound. Bose claims that it "strives to avoid that flashy sound" and true to its word, there is nothing brash about what comes out of these speakers. Everything is polished from the deep, low notes ideal when watching movies, to the rich, earthy bass which should do all varieties of music justice.

Bose Companion 20 multimedia speakers: Verdict

Most will bulk at the price, but when you consider the quality of sound, the sheer power delivered minus a sub, and the ability to add further devices, it's a setup that covers a lot of bases. With so many iPod docks that cost a lot more struggling to deliver on sound and design in equal measures, £200 seems a small amount of money to pay for a Bose system which looks as good as it sounds.

Bose Companion 20 multimedia speaker system availability: Out now

Bose Companion 20 multimedia speaker system price: £199