Best weather apps 2011: The top five

The top five pocket-sized weather apps to keep you dry

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Fed up of being caught out by our glorious British weather? Don't sweat it. T3 counts down the best weather apps available

Met Office app

Being the UK's national meteorological society, you can expect the weather news from them to be about as accurate as you can get, providing the top media organisations with the latest forecasts. Now on iPhone this handy free app unleashes the full knowledge of the Met Office into your palm allowing you to see 5-day forecasts, daily regional and national weather maps, and full radar and satellite imagery. One hefty package considering it's completely free.

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Weather Bug

Available in different incarnations on Android, BlackBerry and Bada, Weather Bug essentially offers the same features across all the operating systems. Agreed it's not considered the prettiest of apps but what it lacks in looks it makes up for through sheer data volume. It takes its information from over 8,000 weather stations and 1,000 cameras, compiling one of the most accurate weather readouts you can get displaying the temperature, humidity, wind strength and direction.

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Accu Weather

Using your Nokia's GPS this weather app will find your location and give you a 10-day and night forecast then put it into a graph showing the days weather hour-by-hour. It's impressive stuff, and despite the long load times it's a hugely in-depth app that will even show you rain and snowfall predictions plus sky conditions, so for those more active individuals it's ideal.

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Weather Pro

If you find the standard weather app on your iPhone lacking in that little bit extra oomph then this reasonably priced weather app is for you. Locking onto your location through GPS, Weather Pro then shows you three-hourly updates. What sets this app apart from the others is its level of detail, it'll give you the wind speed and direction then also the humidity. This again, like the Accu Weather app makes it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who maybe enjoy the odd bit of sailing, hiking etc.

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Accu Weather iPad

Of course we couldn't forget Apple's iPad and this is Accu Weather's stab at giving the tablet a weather app. Straight off, it's a powerhouse of an application, displaying an impressive two weeks forecasts including: temp, wind, humidity and rainfall. Add to that a full world map showing radar and cloud cover, then a 'lifestyle' feature which rates different activities depending on the weather e.g. Dog Walking, Sailing. For £0.59 you'll be hard pressed to find a better weather app.

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