Best tablet battle: iPad 2 VS XOOM, HTC Flyer and PlayBook video

Video: iPad still the best tablet?

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We round-up the best tablets; HTC Flyer, Motorola XOOM, BlackBerry PlayBook and iPad 2

This year has been a big one for tablets. After the massive success of the Apple iPad release date in 2010, other brands have been hot on the Apple iPad 2's heels to make their own super-slate. But which one to choose?

We’ve put four of the biggest hitters through their paces to see who comes out top. We’ve got the HTC Flyer, the Motorola Xoom, the iPad 2 and the Blackberry Playbook. We test the tablet's start-up time, browsing experience, gaming credentials and UI in our tablet showdown.

iPad 2 VS XOOM VS HTC Flyer VS BlackBerry PlayBook video

Source: T3 Tech Videos