Best in ear headphones review

Group test The best in -ear headphones around

Image 1 of 6 iBeats by Dr Dre Studio
iBeats by Dr Dre Studio
Image 2 of 6 Jaybird Tiger Eyes
Jaybird Tiger Eyes
Image 3 of 6 V Moda Remix Remote
V-Moda Remix Remote
Image 4 of 6 Etymotic MC5
Etymotic MC5
Image 5 of 6 Klipsch S4i
Klipsch S4i
Image 6 of 6 Sennheiser MM70i
Sennheiser MM70i

Upgrade your music and your mobile with these audio thoroughbreds

Many of you will be looking forward to an iPhone or iPad this Christmas, but why shackle your music with the notoriously inadequate factory headphones? Cut out the weakest link in the chain as we road-test six alternatives that will free your device's audio potential, all for under £80.

V-Moda Remix Remote
LOVE: Great looking and the sturdiest mic/remote on test.
HATE: Large drivers feel invasive over time and disappointing bass response.
WE SAY: Excellent looks and quality feel are let down by lack in audio range.
V-Moda Remix Remote review Link: V-Moda

Sennheiser MM70i
LOVE: Rock solid performance where it matters. Built-in mic for taking calls
HATE: They look no better than the included set you are replacing.
WE SAY: Straight to the point performance with understated design.
Sennheiser MM70i review Link: Sennheiser

ibeats by Dr Dre Studio
LOVE: Look good, sound good.
HATE: The metal buds can feel a little loose in the ear at times.
WE SAY: Performing well in most areas, the ibeats are a jack of all trades
iBeats by Dr Dre Studio review Link: Beats by Dr Dre

Jaybird Tiger Eyes
LOVE: Bright audio and a comfortable fit.
HATE: They struggle at lower volumes.
WE SAY: Well priced and a strong audio delivery. Ideal for blasting through a workout.
Jaybird Tiger Eyes review Link: Advanced MP3 Players

Etymotic MC5
LOVE: Clear and dynamic sound and the most immersive audio experience.
HATE: A bit uncomfortable especially when on the move.
WE SAY: They sound excellent once you get them just right, and a reasonable price.
Etymotic MC5 review Link: Etymotic

Klipsch S4i
LOVE: Excellent audio performance. Mic and remote for calls
HATE: Cheap feel due to thin cables and plastic controls.
WE SAY: A winner for music only let down by some minor build elements.
Klipsch S4i review Link: Klipsch