Battle of the OS: iOS vs The World

iOS used to be top dog, but now Android and WP7 are snapping at its heels.

Image 1 of 6 iPhone 4
iPhone 4
Image 2 of 6 Dell Venue Pro
Dell Venue Pro
Image 3 of 6 HTC Incredible S
HTC Incredible S
Image 4 of 6 Nokia E7
Nokia E7
Image 5 of 6 BlackBerry Bold 9780
BlackBerry Bold 9780
Image 6 of 6 Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo
Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo

The year 2011 is set to be a bumper one for the smartphone. We now have mobiles with dualcore processors – T3’s Hot 100 list-topper the Motorola Atrix 4G sports one, as does the Samsung Galaxy S II. Screens are getting bigger and better, app stores continue to swell and cameras continue their oh-so-gradual improvement. Though IOS 4 remains at the top of the pile for many in the tech world, Android now matches it in most respects, while Windows Phone 7 has promise aplenty and BlackBerry and Symbian have their fans too. We’ve got handsets of all five types here for you. It’s time to get smart (phone).

Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo
OS: Android 2.3
Processor: 1GHz
Screen: 3.7 inches, 854x480 LCD
Storage: 320MB, microSD
Love: Sharp screen. Excellent photos, even in dimmer light. Slightly lower price
Hate: Cramped keyboard and plasticky build typical of Sony Ericsson phones
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Nokia E7
OS: Symbian 3
Processor: 680MHz
Screen: 4 inches, 640x360 AMOLED
Storage: 16GB
Love: AMOLED screen. Good 720p video. Really solid build
Hate: Slower and less powerful than rivals. Symbian isn’t as intuitive as other OSes. Stiff keyboard
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HTC Incredible S
OS: Android 2.2
Processor: 1GHz
Screen: 4 inches, 800x480 LCD
Storage: 1.1GB, microSD (8GB card bundled)
Love: A large four-inch screen that doesn’t feel bulky. Intuitive, slick, fast operation. Good battery life
Hate: Poor HD video. Lags just behind the iPhone despite being much newer. Screen should really be higher res
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BlackBerry Bold 9780
OS: BlackBerry OS 6
Processor: 680MHz
Screen: 3.2 inches, 480x360 LCD
Storage: 512MB, microSD (2GB bundled)
Love: Portable and compact. Good QWERTY. Excellent for email
Hate: Small, low-res screen. No touchscreen. Poor camera
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Dell Venue Pro
OS: Windows Phone 7
Processor: 1GHz
Screen: 4.1 inches, 800x480 AMOLED
Storage: 8GB
Love: Slick interface. Great screen. Xbox Live gaming and Zune media playback
Hate: Overly complicated Zune PC software. Poor HD video
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Apple iPhone 4
£510 16GB, £612 32GB
OS: Apple iOS 4.3
Processor: 1GHz
Screen: 3.5 inches, 960x640 LCD
Storage: 16GB, 32GB
Love: Fantastic screen. Wide selection of apps. Still the slickest OS and app/ music store/syncing ecosystem
Hate: No manual camera tweaks. Ties you firmly to iTunes. Expensive
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