Audio Pro WF100 review

Can you stream music around the house on a budget?

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  • Easy to set up
  • Works on most audio devices
  • Excellent streaming quality


  • Cables supplied are too short
  • Expensive set-up to expand

With Sonos and Airplay leading the music streaming march around the home, we find out if the Audio Pro WF100 hi-fi transmitter is a more affordable way to stream your tunes where you want them...

These days, it's not enough to be able to carry all your music everywhere you go on your iPod. We also want to be able to stream music without having to trawl cables all over the place .Sonos and Apple AirPlay are amongst those making wireless music streaming a reality, but could the Audio Pro WF100, boasting instant and wireless streaming, provide the same service without the hefty price tag?

Audio Pro WF100: Features

The Audio WF100 Pro system consists of a USB transmitter which you hook up to your PC, Mac or USB supported stereo and a USB transmitter which can plug into your output device (speakers or an amplifier for instance). If your output device doesn't support USB, simply plug the transmitter into the USB AC power adaptor and use the supplied 3.5mm stereo cable or Y-cable RCA to 3.5mm stereo cable to complete the connection. The transmitter has a 3.5mm port, allowing you to connect most audio devices including mobile phones and games consoles.

Audio Pro WF100: Ease of use

No installation files are required which means setup is a quick process. We hooked up the WF100 to a PC with a surround sound speaker system and syncing was instant. Also living up to its promise of streaming lossless CD quality sound, audio was rich in quality and delivered great clarity when we used it in close quarters and tested it within its 50m range.

If you want to increase the system you can have a maximum of three different sound sources running which you can switch between using the simple House Code system. Additionally you can also set up as many receivers as you like which to create a multi-room streaming set-up. The big stumbling block however, is that another transmitter will cost you £85 while each additional receiver will set you back £85.

Audio Pro WF100: Performance

Invariably the WF100 is going to be compared to a music streaming systems like Sonos and the recently introduced AirPlay. While the Apple streaming setup is restricted to compatible devices such as the iPod and iPhone, crucially it doesn’t require the use of dongles making it a truly clutter-free experience. Annoyingly, 3.5mm and RCA cables supplied are unlikely to reach too far away from a plug socket so you will have to think about investing in some longer cables as well if your audio devices do not support USB.

Audio Pro WF100: Verdict

We can't fault the performance of the WF100 from its easy setup, support for most audio devices, instant streaming and excellent audio performance. To get a true multi-room experience though you may find the money starting to add up when having to buy additional transmitters and receivers. If you simply want to stream music to one device, the WF100 is ideal, but if you are thinking about streaming music on a much larger scale, this may not be the inexpensive setup as it first seems.

Link: Audio Pro