Asus ET2400XVT review

Full review: Asus brings 3D on its top of the line all-in-one PC

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Hefty and pricey, but great sound and 3D is sublime

At 13kg, the ET24A00XVT AiO PC is a back breaker but this 23.6-inch HD monster worth its weight. It’s bundled with nVIDIA’s 3D glasses and the stunning 1920x1080 HD screen has 120Hz refresh. Factor in oodles of high-end specs and this classy gloss stunner is capable of chewing through any next generation HD graphics – even sorter of men from the boys, Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Asus has opted for subtle understatement over grandiose design so the ET2400XVT has a classy gloss black finish. It is a magnet for fingerprints but that’s not enough to put us off. All ports and connectivity options are nicely tucked away so it looks like a nice flat panel that happens to have a very powerful PC inside.

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Multitouch support is a mixed bag. The good news is that multi-touch gestures are responsive. It’s not as clinically accurate as the Sony VAIO L-Series’s brilliant optical touch technology, but it is still pretty good. However, it’s let down by the lack of decent touch software, theres no multi-media management hub, which makes navigating nowhere near as much fun as it should be.

The 1920x1080 HD screen is a thing of beauty and copes with HD content admirably. As well as a spot on colour palette, it’s not too glossy, so you can happily work on it in daylight, although it’s at its best in a dark room for movies or gaming at night.

Asus ET2400XVT: Specifications

3D playback can kill lesser systems but this has a massive 1.5GB GeForce GTX460 graphics card, 6GB and Intel’s speedy Core i7 q740 at 1.73GHz. That is serious firepower under your fingertips and is complemented by the addition of Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, six USB ports and a multi-format card reader.

You also get Freeview with a remote and we found audio performance is far better than most all-in-ones. The 5 watt speakers aren’t necessarily more powerful, but they are given a brilliant audio fidelity boost with SonicMaster technology. Audio playback on music, movies and gaming is brilliant. It’s not just louder – it has a richer range of tones that beats audio we’ve heard other 5 watt internal PC speakers.

Asus has packed a HDMI port and Blu-ray player to cater for your HD content whims and we had no lagging issues streaming HD content from the web.

Asus ET2400XVT AiO PC: Performance

We loaded up Call of Duty: Black Ops and the went for glory, setting everything to max at 1920x1080p and the ET2400XVT returned a steady 37fps. That is hugely impressive for an all-in-one especially given the criticism Activision received for releasing a game most fanboys said had performance problems on the PC version.

Unsurprisingly 3D playback to cut in to those frame rates, we got no more than an unplayable 16fps when gaming in the third dimension. But fear not fraggers, we managed just over the required 30fps without sacrificing the HD resolution by turning all other settings off.

If money is no object go out and spend your hard earned cash on this behemoth if you fancy some 3D HD gaming: you’ll get one a killer touchscreen all-in-one with multimedia functionality in spades.