Apple Magic Trackpad review: First impressions

Hands-on with Apple's latest navigational product

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First impression of the Apple Magic Trackpad

Apple’s spate of new products announced yesterday gave some old faithfuls a rather predictable new lease of life and brought an exciting look at what could well prove to be the future of computer navigation.

Following a hands-on with Apple’s latest creation, the Magic Trackpad, first impressions of the new navigation tool are promising. First things first, however, this won’t replace the mouse. Not anytime soon at least.

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Whilst there is no denying that the Multi-Touch peripheral jazzes up how you navigate around webpages and iPhoto, in its current state, the Trackpad is just not cut out for more productive tasks that have been completed with ease with the humble ol’ computer mouse for decades.

Although a number of the pinch to zoom and swipe gestures will be familiar to MacBook, iPhone and iPad users across the globe, the full variety of swipes and gestures possible on the Trackpad will take some time to master and use to their full and numerous capabilities.

Despite the current dominance of the mouse, Apple clearly sees this touch sensitive technology as the future of computer navigation. If user interfaces on home computers turn to replicate those on mobile devices in the future, something which through many obvious benefits could well happen, navigation devices like the Magic Trackpad could well become the dominant players and peripheral of choice.

The Magic Trackpad, which costs an uncharacteristically reasonable £59.99 requires batteries to run and as such has prompted Apple to release a branded battery charger complete with impressive word invention Vampire power draw. Whilst we are not sure entirely what this is, we have been led to believe it is some sort of power saving goodness.

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