Apple Mac Mini 2010 review: First look

Video: A look at the new features

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HDMI, SD card port and a faster processor in a smaller package

Apple's Mac mini portable computer has had a reamp, making it not only the smallest, but the most powerful incarnation of the device, with more connectivity than ever before.

The 2010 edition now features a HDMI port for hooking up to a hi-def display as well as a SD card reader for easy transfer of multimedia content. It also boasts a faster Intel Core 2 Duo processor at 2.66GHz and an improved nVidia 320m graphics card and a 320GB hard-drive.


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With all that extra bulk you'd expect a little swell around the waistline but Apple has managed to slim down a little with a body measuring just 19.4cm square by 3.6cm tall.

There has been a hike in price and the new mini will cost a cool £649, but for this powerful and portable Mac, boasting the Snow Leopard OS, it doesn't really seem that bad. Check out our video hands-on for a tour of its sexy new body

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