Ace Bayou X-Dream Rocker Wireless Gaming Chair review

Did T3 rock out in Ace Bayou's X-Dream Gaming Chair?

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  • Wireless connectivity
  • Strong bass
  • Great looking design


  • Plastic-y arm rests
  • Inability to rock properly
  • Too many wires involved

Ace Bayou's X-Dream Rocker Wireless Gaming Chair offers premium comfort and an unbeatable gaming experience, but you'd need to buy at least two to fully appreciate its awesomeness

As any hardcore gamer knows, the pet peeve of hours-long gameplays is the sudden discomfort brought on by sitting in one place for a long period of time. Add to that the sticky and sweaty clinch of the sofa slowly moulding to your backside, and it's enough to make you want to give up gaming marathons altogether.

But a new device built with gamers' needs in mind is hoping to change all that. Introducing Ace Bayou's X Dream Rocker Wireless Gaming Chair, available exclusively to, who provided our review unit. With surround sound, a top class bass system, an internal amplifier and wireless technology, it promises the ultimate gaming experience. But does it deliver?

X Dream Rocker Wireless Gaming Chair: Features

As you'd expect with a gaming chair of this calibre, the included features are nothing short of superb. Well, for this price range anyways. You can control all the functions via a control panel on the right-hand side including the bass, vibration and volume levels, which, incidentally, could be a tad louder.

Included is a wireless receiver that enables you to pair the X-Dream Rocker with your games console. Setup is pretty much effortless - although you may want to call on an extra pair of hands to help you assemble it together - but be warned; there is an overwhelming cluster of wires to shuffle through.

X Dream Rocker Wireless Gaming Chair: Design

Designed with men's needs in mind, the X-Dream Rocker has all the makings of a boy's toy: a sturdy and mean look, ideal comfort, an endless list of high tech specs and features and a rocking body.

Nonetheless, there are several reasons why you may hate this chair: it's bulky (105cm x 90cm x 68cm) and demands a lot of space; the arm rests feel cheap and plastic-y; it's heavy (29kg) and difficult to move around, and the main speaker is inconveniently placed at the back.

But perhaps its biggest flaw is its so-called ability to rock which, given its name and over enthusiastic tagline - "don't just sit there… start rocking!" - is a tad misleading. Although it does slightly go back and fourth, The X Dream Rocker doesn't so much rock as it does tilt - a major fail on Ace Bayou's part.

X Dream Rocker Wireless Gaming Chair: Performance

To test the full capability of this chair, T3 hooked it up to several devices: the Sony Playstation 3, Acer Inconia Tab A500 and Apple iPod. First up; the PS3 on which we played Call of Duty: Black Ops. The chair responded magnificently to the first-person shooter, vibrating where appropriate (specifically, each time we ate a left hook from a zombie) and emphasising the game's near-iconic sounds ("how do you say 'owned' in Russian? Orrrned!") to their optimum levels - at certain points in the game it actually felt as though a zombie was lurking up from behind us. True story.

While pumping out some tunes on the Acer Inconia Tab A500, available from QVC, the top class speaker system and significant bass levels did our playlist a fair amount of justice. Crystal clear sound quality aside, the X-Dream Rocker is loud enough to make noise, but not enough to make a statement, especially when taking its stocky figure into account. Still, it proved a life line when listening to sound-shy YouTube videos and makes watching online movies a far better experience.

While the iPod has always been known for its moderate sound levels, the X-Dream Rocker ensures Apple's iconic MP3 player doesn't fall short in the volume wars. Well, just about. In some sense, we could imagine this chair as being a rather expensive but comfortable speaker. Even if you're not a hardcore gamer, you'll find comfort in sitting back and chilling to your favourite tracks.

X Dream Rocker Wireless Gaming Chair: Verdict

Overall, it's a good effort on Ace Bayou's part. However, it must be said that while we enjoyed the chair our gaming partner felt a tad left out. Therefore we recommend you invest in two pieces to enjoy multi-player gameplays, but at close to £250 a pop, it will leave a gaping hole in your wallet, and then some. But trust us when we say it's worth it.

X Dream Rocker Wireless Gaming Chair availability: Out now from

X Dream Rocker Wireless Gaming Chair price: £249.95