Samsung ZX310 review: Hands on

The new Samsung ZX310, a worthy rival to the MacBook Air

Image 1 of 7 The Samsung ZX310 laptop
The Samsung ZX310 laptop
Image 2 of 7 closed view of the new Samsung ZX310
closed view of the new Samsung ZX310
Image 3 of 7 Introducing the new Samsung ZX310
Introducing the new Samsung ZX310
Image 4 of 7  a rival to the Apple iPad
a rival to the Apple iPad
Image 5 of 7 open view of the new Samsung ZX310
open view of the new Samsung ZX310
Image 6 of 7 Side view of new Samsung ZX310
Side view of new Samsung ZX310
Image 7 of 7 The slim design of the Samsung ZX310
The slim design of the Samsung ZX310

Samsung has released its new laptop, the Samsung ZX310 at CES

Samsung is extending its laptop range with the ZX310, a premium laptop, just 16.3mm deep. Samsung may not like the comparison, but with its metal alloy body and lightweight it’s clearly a Macbook Air rival.

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Samsung ZX310: Weight

Weighing 1.3kg, the ZX310 is very light, but manages to feel durable, in fact Samsung claims the material is twice as strong as aluminum, based on airplane design technology, and we’d certainly feel confident putting the ZX310 in a bag to take to work.

Samsung ZX310: OS options

Far from being all style and no substance the Windows 7 ZX310 is available in Intel Core i5 and i7 configurations, with an impressive 8GB RAM.

Samsung ZX310: Screen

The 13-inch screen includes a SuperBrightPlus display, which displays 16 million colour and 400nit brightness is twice that of conventional screens. Viewing on a show stand with bright light, is far form an optimum conditions, but it certainly seemed very bright.

We’d be very keen to try the ZX310 outside, to see if it can handle sunlight without becoming too reflective. Nifty Auto Display Brightness controls adjust the brightness according the conditions, but unfortunately this wasn’t something we were able to try.

One thing that’s very clear is how prone to picking up fingerprints the lid is, so you’ll probably need to wipe it down regularly – something you don’t have to do with the MacBook Air. The keyboard feels great to type on, with a generous wrist rest and trackpad. An automatic backlight automatically adjusts to suit the conditions.

Samsung ZX310: Start up speeds

Samsung’s includes some impressive performance features on the SX310, which unfortunately we weren’t able to put to the test: including a 12-second Fast Start, three-second start from sleep and battery designed to last three times longer.

Choose from 128 and 256GB SSD drives, improving start-up speeds by 60%. There’s no news yet on pricing and availability for the SX310, but from our brief time with the laptop, it’s certainly one of the most stylish laptops we’ve seen. Let’s hope it has the performance to match.

Samsung ZX310 Specifications:

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7
  • Screen: 13 inch SuperBrightPlus display
  • Camera: 1.3M HD Webcam
  • Resolution: 400 nit resolution
  • Storage: Two USB (1x2.0, 1x3.0), HDMI, headphone/microphone, Ethernet, microSD Memory: 8GB RAM and 128 or 256 SSD drives
  • Weight: 1.3kg
  • Dimensions: TBC