3D Sound Systems: Group Test

All-in-one systems for three-dimensional audio

Image 1 of 5 SONY BDV E370
Image 2 of 5 DENON AVR 1911 KEF KHT8005
DENON AVR-1911 & KEF KHT8005
Image 3 of 5 SAMSUNG HT C9950W
Image 4 of 5 PANASONIC SC BFT800
Image 5 of 5 PIONEER HTP 200

If you have a new 3D TV, you probably ought to consider a new sound system – come on, it’s only money; you can’t take it with you. There are plenty of audio options out there, from all-in-one systems and soundbars with built-in Blu ray decks, to speaker combos for those who own a Blu-ray player. Here are five of the best.

Best: Pure quality
Samsung HT-C9950W
Love: Innovative design. Audio and visual prowess
Hate: Very expensive
Samsung HT-C9950W review I Link: Samsung

Best: Convenience
Pioneer HTP-200
Love: Convenient and quick to set up
Hate: No on-screen menus. Cheap design
Pioneer HTP-200 review I Link: Pioneer

Best: Sound quality
Denon AVR-1911 & KEF KHT8005
£1,400 (£400 + £1,000
Love: Awesome sound quality. Feature packed
Hate: High total price
Denon AVR-1911 & KEF KHT8005 review I Link: Denon, KEF

Best: Internet content
Sony BDV-E370
Love: Internet extras. Streaming. Clear audio
Hate: Dull looks. Poor sub
Sony BDV-E370 review I Link: Sony

Best: Extra features
Panasonic SC-BFT800
Love: Space-saving design. Wireless sub. Wide range of features
Hate: No surround sound. Lacks a certain punch
Panasonic SC-BFT800 review I Link: Panasonic