Zune pass UK pricing revealed

Release to coincide with that of Windows Phone 7 handsets

Gear up for Windows Phone 7, as it'll come along with unlimited music downloads with a Zune Pass

A subscription paid for a Zune Pass can ensure that users of Windows Phone 7 handsets will have unlimited music downloads on their phones.

Shell out £8.99 for one month or £26.97 for three months and you can download songs from the Zune marketplace, along with 10 free songs per month.

If you aren't sure about subscribing, there's also a 14-day trial period where you can use Zune free of charge.

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When the Windows Phone 7 handsets launch in October, the Zune Pass music service will also be live in the market. As long as your subscription is active, you can keep all the songs you download. In addition, the songs downloaded with the 10 song credits are yours to keep regardless of your subscription status.

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Via: ElectricPig