ZTE on-board to bring Firefox OS to Europe this year

Could the Android invasion finally be thwarted?

ZTE has announced plans today at CES to get behind Mozilla’s new Firefox OS for phones, hoping to launch it in on an as of yet unidentified European carrier before 2013 is up

ZTE, probably best known for creating budget smartphones running either Android or Windows, is the first announced partner to bring Web browser specialists Mozilla’s brand new Firefox OS to market.

According to ZTE’s US chief Cheng Lixin, they are hoping to bring this new flavour of device to a European country first, probably to gauge reaction. No country or carrier has so far been confirmed, but it should be hitting shelves before the year is done.

No specs have so far been shown for the un-named device, but don’t expect quad-core packing phones with 1080p screens as Mozilla has said the Firefox OS will be targeted at emerging markets, at least to begin with.

CES has seen somewhat of a Chinese invasion this year, with ZTE’s compatriots Huawei making quite a splash with a couple of interesting handsets. The Ascend Mate is a tablet sized Android phone touting a gigantic 6.1 inch screen, while the Huawei Ascend D2 is a slightly more pocketable 5-inch device with a Super Retina display.

In a world dominated by Android and iOS, a new mobile operating system could offer manufacturers a chance to have some variety in their line ups. Samsung have recently announced that they too will be building their own OS so they don’t have to rely on Google’s Android.

Stay tuned at T3 and we will keep you updated with the progress of this new OS, as well as ZTE’s release plans.