Zombieland TV pilot confirmed exclusively on LOVEFiLM

Amazon Studios announces film spin-off as next comedy pilot

Rather than go for the House of Cards option Amazon Studios is aiming to hit your funny both with a series of comedy pilots heading exclusively to LOVEFiLM

Amazon Studios has announced that it will be making a Zombieland pilot based on the hit-comedy film of the same name. The pilot is just one of a number that the newly-born studio is making exclusively for LOVEFiLM and Amazon Instant.

The pilot will be put together by the same creative team that made the original film and then along with six other pilots will go live on Amazon Instant Video and LOVEFiLM where users will be able to review each one.

The most-loved shows will then be put into full production giving users the feeling that they really do have complete control over the kind of content they want to watch.

Netflix recently announced its second exclusive TV series Hemlock Grove would be arriving courtesy of Eli Roth. With both streaming services now widely available on the iPhone, Xbox 360, PS3 and online the studios have clearly decided to pick a genre-focused corner and stick with it, at least for the time being.