YouTube now streams 4 billion videos daily

25 per cent increase in just eight months

YouTube recently announced that they had recorded 1 trillion plays in 2011, a truly colossal effort, well now they've released some more, even more scary stats

Google has revealed that YouTube is now streaming 4 billion videos every day, marking a 25 per cent increase on their performance 8 months ago.

To try and place that into some form of perspective, the company has to deal with nearly 60 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute, yes, that's right, minute.

This is a huge increase on the 48 hours that YouTube was having to cope with back in last May and is a clear indicator, if any was needed, that YouTube moving to the mobile market has clearly made a big difference.

The inclusion of YouTube apps into Smart TVs such as Samsung's UE55D8000 is a clear sign that Google's push to move YouTube away from being solely for desktop computers has obviously paid off.

Having already recorded 1 trillion YouTube views in 2011 the company will no doubt be looking to hugely improve on that already staggering figure and with $5 billion in revenue being produced every year from advertising don't expect to see YouTube going anywhere but up.

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Source: Reuters