YouTube Mobile updated (with video)

New look and speedier video access for mobile site

Touch-friendly UI and full .com functionality heading to your blower right now.

YouTube Mobile has been given a complete facelift, with the world’s top video site now rocking the same features on your phone as it does on your desktop.

The new look, revealed on YouTube’s official blog, means accessing clips on-the-fly is much faster than before. There’s also a more touch-friendly UI, meaning you can scoot round clips easier when prodding your handset’s panel.

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You can also make your own playlists on the move too, as well as being able to like, dislike and favourite videos wherever you are. The idea is to bring the full YouTube experience onto your phone.

YouTube also says that any tweaks it makes to its main site will land on the mobile site soon after, while native apps will have to wait. That means if you’ve got an iPhone or Android cell, hitting your browser rather than the on-board app is the way to go.

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Link: YouTube blog