YouTube launches new HTML5 mobile site as Flash gets boot

iPhone friendly approach to new YouTube mobile site

HTML5 over Flash for new YouTube mobile site

Apple’s longstanding battle with Adobe’s Flash software has taken a giant turn in the favour of the fruity tech company today as it has been announced that the Google owned video sharing website YouTube will now offer a HTML5 mobile version to users in the UK, Europe and Middle East.

With Google reporting more than 100 million video plays on the YouTube mobile site each day, the ability to render HTML video content will speed up the system for those mobile users using Apple’s iPhone handsets as well as Android and other devices.

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The UK release of the HTML5 mobile YouTube site follows its launch in the US last month after the original YouTube mobile site launched back in 2007.

Keen to avoid the format wars that are surrounding the Flash, HTML5 battle, YouTube’s software engineer, John Hardin was keen express to that HTML5 is still far from becoming the new accepted standard in video streaming stating: "While HTML5's video support enables us to bring most of the content and features of YouTube to computers and other devices that don't support Flash Player, it does not yet meet all of our needs,"

Flash or HTML5, which is the future format of video streaming? Let us know what you think via the T3 Twitter and Facebook pages.