YouTube Capture App now supports 1080p HD recording for iOS

Audio synchronisation now added along with bug fixes

With the likes of Twitter's Vine app going live on iPhone 5 Google has updated its YouTube Capture app just in time to provide full support for the iPhone's 8MP camera

Google has released the updated YouTube Capture application for the iPhone 5, iPad and iPod touch, and it now supports 1080p high-definition recording.

The update, available for free from the App Store, also features improved audio synchronisation, more detailed upload feedback, bug fixes and stability improvements, and also allows you to share the videos via social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

The YouTube Capture application enables you to record videos with iOS devices and upload them to YouTube. The app also offers the opportunity to add music to your videos, and edit them with colour correction and image stabilisation, before sharing them with the world.

In addition to the YouTube Capture update, the Google Currents app has also received a major update, offering significant improvements that include a new edition sidebar, fast scan, breaking news stories and a ‘saved stories’ option.

Google Currents, also available for free from the App Store, is an application that offers magazine-like editions to tablet and smartphone devices for high-speed and offline reading, from publishers such as Forbes, The Guardian and Tech Crunch. These editions include full-length articles, videos, photography and slideshows and can be accessed at no extra price.

The new update also uses Google News and Google search technology to deliver breaking worldwide news stories including world news, entertainment, sports, science and more, all available in no-less-than 44 languages, using Google Translate technology.

Google Currents users can also view their Google Reader subscriptions, favourite blogs and news feeds in editions that offer a genuine magazine feel.