YouTube app vanishes from Apple's iOS 6 operating system

Google's app will no longer come pre-installed on future iPhones, confirms Apple

Google's YouTube app will no longer come pre-loaded on Apple's iKit, according to Apple, although users can still watch clips on the site via their browsers

Google’s YouTube for iOS app is missing from Apple’s next-generation iOS 6 operating system, meaning iPhone and iPad owners might have to access the video site via their web browsers from now on.

Apple claims the app was removed purely because its licence to produce it had expired, however, Stuart Miles of Pocket-Lint claims the decision is a tactical one: "This is all about Apple removing Google from its operating system completely,” he said.

The app had previously come pre-installed on iPhones since the original handset landed back in 2007.

According to Apple, Google is currently working on a YouTube app for iOS 6, which users can download to access the service directly via their handsets, although the search giant is yet to confirm this.

Experts claim this could work in Google's favour, as the firm can easily release software updates for the app and have more control over adverts placed on YouTube videos.

It’s the second Google service that’s missing from Apple’s new software – the other being Google Maps, which is being replaced by Apple’s own mapping system.

However, whether the Cupertino firm will be replacing the YouTube app with one of its own-branded programs remains to be seen.

A beta version of iOS 6 was released to developers in August. It’s believed the operating system will come pre-installed in the iPhone 5, rumoured to be out in September.

Source: BBC