You Tube hits 20% of all UK social networking visits

Surge in popularity for You Tube

Video streaming service is now the UK's third most visited website after Facebook and Google

You Tube, the hugely popular video sharing website, now accounts for one in five visits to social networks from the UK's internet users. That’s up from one in six visits just 12 months ago.

Although it’s a long way from catching Facebook, which makes up more than half of the visits to social networks, You Tube’s growth has been mighty impressive.

It is the fastest growing social network for the second consecutive month and in the last three years has climbed from the eighth biggest website in the UK to cementing the number three spot, after overtaking Hotmail in December 2010. The top two destinations are unsurprisingly taken up by Facebook and Google.

You Tube is on a roll at the moment. It is preparing to launch its movie-on-demand service charging viewers to screen the latest blockbusters as soon as they're released on DVD, and a few days ago, it announced a record 72 million live streams for the Royal Wedding. The glittering ceremony was broadcast to 188 countries.

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Via Experian Hitwise