Yahoo!'s Delicious bought by YouTube founders

Chad Hurley and Steve Chen bookmark Delicious into AVOS

Can Delicious go back to its glory days?

Yahoo! has sold Delicious, it's web bookmarking service to the founders of YouTube for an undisclosed amount.

Chad Hurley and Steve Chen have bought the service which will become part of their new company, AVOS.

If it hadn't been sold, Delicious would have been closed down by Yahoo!.

Yahoo! bought the service in 2005 and will control it until July 2011, when AVOS completely takes over it.

There is no concrete information yet on whether the service will be revamped by its new owners ot not, although comments made by the new owners do seem to indicate that may be the case.

"We're excited to work with this fantastic community and take Delicious to the next level," said Hurley. "We see a tremendous opportunity to simplify the way users save and share content they discover anywhere on the web."

With many people using social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook to share content, will Hurley and Chen be able to make the service appealing to the web-sharers again?

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Via: TechRadar