Yahoo Mail introduces multi-tasking alongside improvements to overall service

Yahoo reveals the new Yahoo Mail experience to users, including new 'Recent' view

Yahoo has revealed an update bringing multi-tasking to Yahoo Mail alongisde some improvements and new 'Recent' view for e-mail users

A new multi-tasking experience has been unveiled for Yahoo Mail users, alongside a new 'Recent' view to help improve everyday communications.

According to an official blog post, Director of Engineering Ratan Hudda has revealed a new multi-tasking 'Recent' view meaning users can quickly jump between emails, search results and drafts.

Hudda state, "In our previous version, many people used tabs for this. The downside was that more tabs would open as you did more in your inbox... which actually made it hard to multi-task."

The new feature allows the new 'Recent' view, added to the tabs, to reveal your three most recent activities under Drafts, Emails, and Search.

Only the ten most recent will appear with the ability to cycle through each activity with Ctrl+[ and Ctrl+] on Windows and ⌘+[ and ⌘+] on Mac.

Hudda announces that the new Recent view will roll out over the next week.

Last month, Yahoo Mail celebrated its 16th birthday bringing redesigns and new features to its email service, iOS and Android apps.

Yahoo announced earlier this year that they would be focusing energy into two new apps - Yahoo! Mail for iPad and Android tablets.

Source: Yahoo Blog