Yahoo LiveStand to launch next week

Also rumours that Google's rival 'Propeller' also on way

After so many months ruling the roost it would appear as though Flipboard may have some competition on its hands in the form of Google and Yahoo coming up with their own versions

According to sources close to the project Yahoo is to launch its Yahoo LiveStand app next week, a rival app to the phenomenally successful Flipboard.

Essentially a news and media reader LiveStand works on the same premise of aggregating all your content and creating an experience that makes it incredibly easy and enjoyable to browse through it all. LiveStand's key selling point is the claim that it will learn your news habits and create content that is more and more suited to you.

On the other side of that coin however is the news that it will contain seriously interactive advertising, something you'll either welcome or hate. By incorporating more interactive advertising Yahoo is hoping to increase its revenue stream but also attracting users at the same time.

This news comes amidst rumours that Google's own rival service condenamed 'Propeller' will also be heading to the iPad soon, offering what will apparently be a truly HTML 5 experience alongside a plethora of media partners.

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Source: Allthingsd