Yahoo CEO Marrisa Mayer in line for £64m pay package

Mayer scores lucrative deal, which will see her bank close to £64m over five years

Yahoo CEO Marrisa Mayer is on course to bank close to $100m (£64m), after ditching Google to head up the ailing firm's operations

Yahoo’s new CEO, Marissa Mayer, is reportedly in line to receive a pay package of almost $100m (£64m), after jumping ship from Google to head up the firm’s global operations, the company has revealed.

Mayer is currently paid a $1m annual salary, but the inclusion of a $2m yearly bonus and $42m in stock options and deals – she was reportedly paid $14m in compensation for leaving Google - bumps her annual salary to $20m - or $100m over the course of five years, a Yahoo spokesperson told Reuters.

The 37-year-old, who is currently pregnant, has already amassed a multi-million dollar fortune while working as an engineer for search giant Google - her net worth is estimated to be around $300m.

She started in her new role at Yahoo on Tuesday.

Bored with the board

Her hiring comes amid a turbulent time for Yahoo, which has gone through two CEOs in just a year.

A socialite, she is often regarded as one of Silicon Valley’s leading ladies, and regularly hosts parties which are renowned in tech circles.

She's married to real estate investor Zachary Bogue, with whom she's expecting her first child, a boy, in October.

Some believe the Stanford University graduate, who once described herself as a “geek”, will help reverse Yahoo’s fortunes by beefing up its web technology and product focus.

Source: Guardian

Image: BGR