Xbox YouTube app launched to preview program

Video-streaming app heading to the new Kinect-friendly Dashboard

Late last night Microsoft revealed a preview of their upcoming YouTube app as the latest addition to the promised reinvention of their now Kinect-friendly Xbox 360 Dashboard

Microsoft have unveiled a preview version of the upcoming YouTube app for the new-look Xbox 360 Dashboard offering up HD video galore and Kinect functionality.

The YouTube app is just one of many additions that are making their way to the new media-friendly Dashboard. At present it is currently only available to the members of the preview program however this integration into the gaming medium marks the next step for the YouTube which has already made an appearance in Smart TV's.

The app will allow you to use Xbox Kinect to navigate your way around your YouTube account, all in dazzling HD, giving you just one more reason to procrastinate from tackling that last level of Batman: Arkham City.

Microsoft has made no allusion to when the app will be available to the masses, or indeed when any of the other promised video services will materialise however as soon as we know, you'll know.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who can get your hands on the YouTube update, leave a comment below and let those waiting patiently know what you think..

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Source: GeekyGadgets