Xbox Music to rival Apple iTunes and Spotify

Microsoft's music streaming alternative coming to Windows 8 and Xbox

Microsoft's Xbox Music hopes to correct the mistakes made in Zune and create a service that can truly rival the likes of Apple's iTunes and Spotify by offering an all-in-one package

Microsoft has today announced that it will be launching Xbox Music, a music streaming service that will rival the likes of Apple's iTunes store and Spotify by giving customers access to a streaming library of over 30 million tracks.

The service, which will be available on Xbox 360, Windows 8 PCs, tablets and smartphones will give you to access the entire library over one account and across all your devices giving you free streaming for the first six months with a monthly limit then being put in place when that period expires.

Offering a similar service to Spotify, free users will be able to create unlimited playlists across their devices, however for those that like their music unlimited, offline and ad-free then there's Xbox Music Pass.

For £8.99 per month Microsoft will throw completely unlimited streaming your way along with the ability to create an unlimited number of offline playlists and of course you'll be rid of those pesky adverts.

Most interesting of all however is the news that Microsoft will also be adding an iTunes Match rival service to Xbox Music which will place all the music you already own in the cloud and then offer it to any of your devices.

Xbox Music will be launching tomorrow with all users getting free streaming for the first six months.