Xbox Live gamers hit by cyber scam

Microsoft confirm no breach to Xbox Live though

After the events that shook the world of PSN in which millions of accounts were hacked you'd think gamers would be safe, sadly this is not the case

Millions of pounds have allegedly been stolen by cyber thieves who have hacked into Xbox Live accounts through phishing emails.

Apparently the criminals have been sending emails to Xbox 360 Live users offering them free Microsoft Points but only if they login with their Xbox Live details, the criminals then access this account and steal the credit card information.

Microsoft have been quick to point out that this is not a breach into their systems rather that those affected have unknowingly given across their Xbox Live details, thus allowing illegal access to the accounts.

"Microsoft can confirm that there has been no breach to the security of our Xbox LIVE service. In this case, a number of Xbox LIVE members appear to have recently been victim of malicious ‘phishing’ scams"

At present it's believed those affected only numbers in the thousands, but that's still translated to millions of pounds stolen from these individuals with gamers only realising they've been the victim of a theft when they're locked out of their Xbox Live accounts.

Most worryingly this doesn't appear to be a single attack from a single organisation with many different forms of the same con being carried out making it all the more difficult to track down and prevent.

Microsoft however have said they are doing everything possible to help those affected and also raise awareness of these potential 'phishing' emails, these steps will involve.

"Working closely with affected members who have been in touch with us to investigate and/or resolve any unauthorized changes to their accounts resulting from phishing scams."

"Warning people against opening unsolicited e-mails which may contain spyware and other malware that can access personal information contained on their computer without their knowledge or permission;"

This comes amidst rumours that a brand-new Xbox 360 model will be coming early next year, supposedly being lighter, cheaper to produce and also be effecient allowing it to run smoother.

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Source: The Sun