Xbox Live currently unavailable

UPDATE: Microsoft says Xbox Live service has resumed

UPDATE: Microsoft has confirmed its Xbox Live gaming service is back has come back online

ORIGINAL STORY: It's a bad day to be an Xbox 360 gamer; Microsoft has reported that its Xbox Live service is currently unavailable and they are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Micorosft's Service Status page on the Xbox website state that users may experience difficulties signing into Xbox Live, although services such as Zune and the Xbox Live Marketplace are confimed to be still up and running.

In a brief interview with gaming website, a Microsoft spokesperson said, "We're aware that some users may be experiencing difficulty logging in to Xbox LIVE at present."

"This does happen from time to time while updates and fixes are made to the system and should not be symptomatic of any larger problems."

Here's hoping that the problems with Microsoft's Xbox Live service are internal and nothing whatsoever to do with Anonymous - the group behind the attacks on Sony's PSN service. In the meantime, it's worth pointing out that any players after a little XBLA action can always download the superb Bastion. It's is available to download and play on your iPad right now for £2.99.