Xbox Live Avatar Motocross game leaks ahead of E3

New avatar utilising gaming release leaks ahead of E3 unveiling during Microsoft conference

Putting your Xbox Live Avatars to good use, Microsoft looks set to launch a new Avatar Motocross game during its E3 2012 press conference

Microsoft looks set to launch a selection of new avatar-based Xbox Live games at E3 2012 with screenshots of a gaming character filled motocross title leaked online.

Landing just days ahead of the opening to the Los Angeles based E3 2012 gaming expo, the newly outed screenshots hint at the arrival of a new motocross based arcade racer with gamers to see their Xbox Live avatars take to the track in a cloud of dust.

With little concrete information surrounding the upcoming avatar utilising release, reports have suggested the game, currently listed as ‘AMX Mystery’ (Avatar Motocross Mystery), could be one title in a broader range of avatar infusing offerings set to be unveiled during the Microsoft press conference.

Seemingly set to hit Xbox Live in the coming months, the AMX release looks ready to line up as one of Microsoft’s E3 announcements with previous expectations of the long awaited Xbox 720 unveiling long since dashed by the PS3 rival.

What would you like to see Microsoft unveil at E3 2012? Would more avatar encompassing titles be amongst your top 10? Let us know via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Via: IGN