Xbox Kinect used to film music video

Latest Kinect hack creates ghostly pop video

London psychadelic pop band put Kinect to distinctly groovy use.

While some of the games might be a bit too bounce-a-ball-skip-a-rope for gaming's hardcore, since its release there's been no shortage of innovative Xbox Kinect hacks that manipulate the sensor into performing tricks Steve Ballmer never even dreamed of. So far we've seen gesture controlled web pages, real-life air guitar solos, and some more... ahem... adult-oriented innovations, among others.

And now this latest offering: using some custom software and the Kinect sensor as the video camera, London-based ambient pop band Echo Lake shot the whole video for their song "Young Silence" in weird, psychadelic Kinect-o-vision.

The song is perhaps a bit of an acquired taste, but it's still a neat bit of Kinect magic to add to the growing list of things people are doing other than jumping rapids in their Game Boat. Check out the video embedded below to see the result.