Xbox Kinect: How it works exposed by patent

Microsoft patent reveals all details of new peripheral

Xbox 360 Kinect: How it works revealed by patent

The mysterious workings of Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect have been revealed by a patent application.

Check out these exclusive Xbox Kinect pictures that lay bare the cutting-edge internals.

The peripheral, formerly known as Project Natal, apparently uses PrimeSense software to detect gamer’s movements, according to the patent.

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Microsoft invited T3 across the pond last week to take an exclusive, all-access tour around the gaming sensation.

Kinect is made up of three distinct subsystems that each marries hardware and software, which break down into Movement tracking, Voice recognition, and finally the motor.

The system follows a basic system of guidelines, such as ‘a body is from x-foot tall to x-foot tall’ and ‘a person has two arms and two legs’ to work out that your coffee table or dog aren’t extra players.

For the full details, check the Xbox Kinect: How it works feature here.