Xbox 720 to prevent users playing pre-owned games?

Microsoft's next-gen console could lock games to an individual device and Xbox Live account

Ahead of the expected Xbox 720 unveiling at E3 2012 new reports have suggested Microsoft's next-gen console will prevent the play of pre-owned games

Microsoft's next-generation Xbox console is to clamp down on the second-hand games market with new reports suggesting the Xbox 720 will not allow users to play pre-owned games.

The latest in a long line of Xbox 720 rumours comes courtesy of Kotaku and cites a "reliable industry source" claiming that Microsoft will implement new features preventing gamers picking up cheap second-hand copies of the latest core titles potentially spelling an end to the pre-owned games market.

Whilst it is unclear exactly how Microsoft would implement such a move the mooted experience hampering feature would cause a rift between developers and publishers who would relish the possibility of increased revenues and retailers and end users, both of whom would be on the negative end of such a deal.

Unless Sony followed a similar route with its own next-generation console, the long mooted Sony PS4, Microsoft’s touted move of preventing the use of second-hand games could spell the end of the Xbox brand.

Xbox 720 Rumours

Long tipped to be the replacement for the now ageing Xbox 360 the repeatedly rumoured Xbox 720 has been the thing of speculation for months with Xbox 720 rumours ramping up in the weeks and months ahead of E3 2012.

Tipped to be heading for an E3 official unveiling the Microsoft Xbox 720 is reported to feature a processor six times faster than its predecessor with the next-gen console to hit stores with a price point considerably lower than previous console introductions.

Would the inability to play pre-owned gamers have an affect on what console you bought? Let us know via the comments box below.

Via: CVG