Xbox 720 to get Skype integration thanks to job listing?

Microsoft job listing hints and next-gen console features

While very little has been discussed over the features that will be available for the next-gen Xbox 720 console it appears as though one leak has got through

The next-gen Microsoft Xbox 720 could have Skype integration when it finally receives its almost certain 2013 release date next year. The new feature was hinted at by a jobs listing on Microsoft's careers site.

The Skype for Xbox Program Manager position hints at the individual working on both existing hardware and also preparing for an eventual future hardware release date, presumably the Xbox 720.

"Xbox is a fundamental lynchpin of Skype’s living-room strategy, and we are focused on enabling amazing new in-game and in-console voice and video experiences for the next generation of Xbox."

This comes after a number of sources had even been quoted as saying the next-generation Xbox 720 games console had entered the manufacturing stage.

IGN received information that the Austin, Texas-based Flextronics company, which currently assembles the Xbox 360 and manufactured the original console, had begun production of its successor; the much vaunted Xbox 720 or 'Durango' as it has been coined recently.

Microsoft has confirmed that it has no plans to launch a new console in this calendar year, so IGN speculates the consoles may be development kits to enable games studios to begin creating content for the as-yet-unconfirmed device.

Xbox 720 Release Date

The most coveted of all the Xbox 720 rumours, the Xbox 720 release date has been talked about for a number of years with the console continuing to be teased but, to date, always failing to live up to expectation and make its first official appearance.

Although many rumours have suggested we will see the Xbox 720 sooner rather than later, Microsoft has repeatedly made reference to the console’s ’10 year lifecycle’ seemingly quelling reports of a pre 2015 arrival.