Xbox 720 leaked images confirmed as official?

Developers confirm images of the new Xbox 720 dev-kit are real

A report carried by Digital Foundry claims that a series of leaked images of an Xbox 720 dev-kit, have been authenticated by developers

The images reportedly show the new Microsoft Xbox 720 Durango dev kit, and were posted on the Assembler Games developer forum as a sale item. Digital Foundry has since said that unnamed industry sources working on games for next-gen consoles have verified that the images of the Durango Devkit are authentic.

The source told Digital Foundry that the machine is an Alpha version of Xbox 720 hardware and was delivered to the studios this February. The devkit is housed in standard PC casing and Digital Foundry points out that it features Intel CPUs and a graphics card running DirectX 11 that carries NVIDIA branding.

Source: CVG, Digital Foundry/Eurogamer