Xbox 720 controller to be almost identical to Xbox 360 version

Leaked sources claim dev kits feature a similar controller design

With the Sony PS4 controller showing off some design influences from Move and the PS Vita all eyes are now on Microsoft to see what they've created with the 720 controller

The Xbox 720’s controller will be nearly identical to the current generation Xbox 360 according to an article on Kotaku.

Following a series of leaks about Project Durango, the new console’s code name, earlier this year, four unnamed sources have confirmed that there are no big physical departures from the current model.

Both controller sticks, triggers and the D-Pad all appear in the same positions and no new input mechanic’s can be seen anywhere on the prototype controller.

In contrast, the recently announced PS4’s controller has a new light port, touchpad and a share button among other features.

Developer kits for the Durango have been with game developers since last month and are coated with Zebra like stripes in what is thought to be an effort to avoid leaked images of the new console.

There have been rumours that the next controller will be slightly smaller than the current model and no reliable information is available on whether it has been changed internally in any way.

Industry experts predict that Microsoft’s new console will be officially launched at an event later this month and released to the general public around the end of this year in order to compete with the Playstation 4.

Source: Kotaku