Xbox 360 turns five in the UK

Microsoft's flagship console still going strong...

Has the PlayStation rivalry only been going for that long?

Microsoft is celebrating five years since it launched the Xbox 360 in the UK, just ten days after marking the arrival of the console in the US.

The PlayStation rival which launched in 2005, heralded the introduction of HD gaming, Xbox LIVE Party, online achievements and more recently, controller-free gaming with Microsoft Kinect.

Worldwide sales of the Xbox 360 have hit 45 million according to Microsoft, but the console has not been without its problems, notably having left gamers staring at the dreaded RROD (Red Ring Of Death).

The latest incarnation of the Xbox, the Xbox 360 S brought us a substantially slimmer console that Microsoft also said was 'whisper quiet".

Earlier this year, Microsoft revealed that a successor to the 360, referred to as the Xbox 720, was not on the way yet, and with Kinect likely to extend the life of the current console further, the wait for a new Xbox could be set to go on a little longer.